New menu item to Hide visibility-disabled items


I sometimes need to create a different Bloc (with basically the same content, just reworked) for every breakpoint. Naturally, I change the visibility for each of those Blocs to correspond to the appropriate breakpoint in which I want it visible. But it’s very, very messy to have ALL those blocs displaying in every breakpoint when I am designing. My feature request is to have a new “View” menu command that will allow me to Hide those Visibility-disabled items. That way, I can go to LG and view only the Bloc assigned to be visible in LG mode, then switch to MD and view only the Bloc assigned to be visible in MD mode, and so on. This would make for a much improved design experience. And naturally, even when those Blocs are hidden from view, they would still appear in the left sidebar.

Thank you,

James W.


I fully support this. It would help to clean up an unnecessary mess when designing different content for different breakpoints.


I don’t want to let this Wish List feature fade away, so I’d like to add some thoughts.

I have a huge drop-down menu with multiple rows and columns that displays in LG. This is a global menu so it displays on every single page. When editing pages in Blocs, I have to scroll and scroll and scroll down before I can actually set the content I am designing because the dropdown is so huge. So to avoid this silly headache, I again would like the means to HIDE Blocs from the page view.

If adding a new command the the View menu is too hard, then I propose adding a new Contextual Menu Item so I merely need only right-click on a Bloc in the left sidebar and choose “hide” which in turn will hide that Bloc from appearing on the page.

This really would be a very helpful feature, and I can’t imagine only myself and @pumpkin would benefit from it.




I am currently in the same situation.
I have different blocks for different breakpoints and the work space is a right mess!

I would love to have something like this.

The first row defines the visibility on the web, the second for the different workspaces for the different break points.
Maybe somebody can come up with a better idea for the exact wording… Web/Workspace, whatever.


Thank you for the solidarity, @area49. I love your suggestion.

I must say that I am quite shocked only you and @pumpkin posted comments, and my original post only received 2 hearts. Surely the 3 of us cannot be alone in wanting this key feature added to Blocs. Further apathy by our fellow Blocs users will only insure it is NOT added. The number of hearts matters when giving weight to what new features should be added.

Anyway, thank you!


@JDW well, maybe this is really not wanted by more people than these here.

I find the suggestion of @JDW better to switch row visibility off/on on the left sidebar, which is all about and relating to the rows (and not how it looks on the web). Besides, I would find it confusing having two rows of visibility settings — I found in other software with similar intentions it is also done rather the way @JDW suggests. E.g. in music software Pro Tools to hide complete audio tracks from view, or Logic Pro has a little hide button next to each audio track, dito with movie editing software Final Cut Pro to hide visual movie/audio tracks)

Maybe it could be implemented without toil into the colour popup window for the colouring distinction for the blocs.


I’m so desperate to have this feature that I won’t squabble about how it is implemented! :slight_smile: But @StFoldex you are right that some implementation methods are better than others. Hopefully @Norm is listening!