OOoooooooOOoh! Looks like something is coming soon!

So excited about this one. Saves me some extra steps to be GDPR compliant.


Hey, @Norm. Stop teasing and just take my money! :palm_tree: :coconut: :partying_face:


The automated download of Google fonts alone justifies a new version :smile::+1::sunglasses:


About time :wink:


I really like it, it’s great, it makes graphic work easier. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice touch. Still waiting for something spectacular. :slight_smile:

I am curious what will be in this category for you?

For me personally? CSS Grid would. Pinegrow has integrated it in a really nice way. Using Pinegrow makes my head hurt though :wink:



Very useful :ok_hand:t2:

i may have missed it, but will all of the brics and items we have purchased for blocs 4 work with Blocs 5, im holding off buying some bits just in case, but have spent a small fortune on brics and would rather not lost the capability to use them.

Also i hope the issue of ‘items not exporting’ has been sorted as i guess if i use the direct upload i wont know.

Personally, I’m not a fan of publish and upload. I prefer to publish to my Mac, check it over, then upload, so hopefully that part of Blocs will remain.

Im a fan !..great thing is now we have best of both sides.
I used to do little changes to my websites and now love how a click and just that element is updated - really happy with this.

All the new updates so far are brilliant…I have a feeling we are in for a few more surprises! Great work @Norm @Helen


im a fan of this too, if the issues are ironed out, otherwise ill need to revert back to the old method.

Yeah, you can still export locally :nerd_face:


Hi , new to blocs . ( loving it so far ) Just finalized my site on free version and was about to buy the blocs 4 license to publish. Will the blocs 4 license give me access to 5 ? I do have a deadline in a week. Should I wait or buy 4 now ?

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Yes, I’m wanting to migrate from Rapidweaver to Blocsapp, but don’t want to purchase V4 now, if I’m just going to have to dish out more money for V5 in a week. When will it be released, and should I hold off on purchasing until then?

Having used Rapidweaver for a few years now, you’ll get hooked on instant uploads, it’s a really great feature. I check my site in my browser online, and if I need a change, it’s done in a matter of seconds, and updated, poof, fast, easy.

Hi @benb, I was a Muse user with a built in ftp and it just annoyed me!

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Oh, not in Rapidweaver, it works really sweet there, super reliable. But if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it.

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