Pop-up Panel for Text

Yep. Same here.
Thanx teefers.

Ok, I’m away from the Mac for the next day or so.
In the snippet above there’s a division with a class of modal-body, you should be able to add some CSS to change the background color.
I’m new to blocs but a would try to add a class in class manager and set the background that way.

If that doesn’t work you can add some custom CSS like

.modal-body {background-color: red; }

Hi @mikeh
Is this added to the page footer, or the modal footer?
I guess this means you can use your own formatted button.

Hello guys! was looking at those videos and the code and of course I didn’t understood anything haha!
Im trying to make this

How can I do it so when someone will clic on the more info button this pop up box will come up?

Hey! I tried this but I need to have a pop up text that will come after you press a button like for example more info. Short of like in here: http://after.life/recordings/
How can I do that?