Preview in browser is not working


yes… they appeared


Its strange as there are no other reports of this, so it would appear the problem is something at your end. without your Mac in front of me I can see why you get that problem.

All I can suggest is try re-installing chrome or try Firefox and see if they show up.


I had the same problem. This happened because of the Russian text in the menu. When the text changed to English, the browser began to turn on.


same problem here.


You don’t have preview in Browser options either??


All fine here.


All good here, 3.0.4


Might this be an issue of migrated projects (2.6.5 to 3) ?
Just thinking as some are fine and some report problem:
May be it would help to find the source of the problem if we disribe wether it´s an migrated project or a new one in v3.



No, it isn’t. At least not here.
I’ve tried it and it all works fine (Blocs 3.0.4 & 3.0.5)


Where can i change the language


no where
u can type english


look it


War nur so eine fixe Idee.
Super, like to hear that it works.


fixed with 3.0.5