Problem with contact form- resolved

I don’t think so. Analyzing the code, js handles the contact form, I checked the file paths, modified and nothing…

Do you have a switch for the opt-in, my website in development has a contact form, it’s like the submit button does not work and it says the opt-in field is required even though the switch is enabled.

It is a simple form with a submit button and nothing else. When I did a quick export and put the site on my host, the form works except that despite my HTaccess file to remove the urls with .html as for example: or when you click on the logo to return to the home page you have
These problems of displaying extensions that could not be solved even by specifying it in the Htaccess file did not work, as well as the 404 file that is not declared when you type a wrong url.
On the other hand, when we export the project, these problems disappear except that the form does not work anymore. The reason? I have no idea and I’ve checked and tested for several days …

If you use Clean Page URL’s on export, you don’t need anything in the htaccess to remove the .html extension do you?

Absolutely ! no need to specify the deletion of .html extensions in the htaccess

Check if your server is running PHP 8.0, if so change it to 7.4.

Sounds like a similar issue I had recently: .htaccess tweaks for security and performance

I was in PHP 7.3 native and I switched to PHP 8 to see if it worked and I don’t think it’s related to the PHP version. I tested PHP 7.4 and nothing

The Screenshot shows a 403 error which means access forbidden
The post request tried to call the php file and wasn’t allowed to
So this can be a read permission issue (chmod) on the server
Is the file readable?

Thank you for contributing to my call for help. I had understood this forbidden access but what I don’t understand is where it comes from. Can the htaccess file contribute to this kind of ban?
I even deleted the htaccess file in doubt but nothing changes.

Generally as far I know this would be on the server itself
You can check in most admin panels such as cPanel the permissions (they can be number or colors or words such as 775 or red,red, green or „read, read, write“ etc etc)

You’d want the file with the code for the Mail to be read permission

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Thank you for your information. This guided me in my research and I also searched on google as well. This is an execCGI problem. Except that despite all my changes nothing happened even when I deactivated it. So I looked for a way to display the hidden files, you never know… and there a “.htaccess” I have a visible htaccess and a hidden .htaccess. There I understood. I deleted the visible htaccess file and modified the .htaccess ( which is the correct form for the server) Beginner’s mistake, shame on me.
I disabled a condition in Htaccess.

secure directory by disabling script execution

#AddHandler cgi-script .php .pl .py .jsp .asp .htm .shtml .sh .cgi
#Options -ExecCGI

Maybe rewrite this condition but I am not very strong in htaccess personally

And the mail is sent perfectly but the reception of the mail when we have in the contact form a list menu, we receive by mail a position number and not the name of the list chosen.

Thanks to all of you and I hope it will help other members who will encounter this kind of problem. If anyone has a solution for receiving messages with correct information, please do not hesitate. I will search the forum if the subject has not been treated

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Hi @alpha, I’m not in Blocs at the moment, but I think there are 2 parts to fill in for the dropdown list, a name and a value.
That would be my first thing to check.

Best of luck

Hi @TrevReav , to complete your intervention, each value has a name and often the values are 1,2,3,4 depending on the number of choices in the list. When we send an email with the site we receive on the host only the value or position and not the name. In the same way we receive :

You have received a new message.
Name_32201: Laura Moron-rey
Select_1240: 2
Message_32201: tets
Optin_32201: true

I think that the subject must have been treated

Ah, Ok, just my thoughts, sorry not to be able to help.

No problem. It’s already nice to be able to help me, I appreciate your initiative :wink:

I could be wrong but I think the rule you had there is intended to disallow access to files with the extension as specified in the rule, usually used for example if you have a directory with files you are experimenting with and don’t wan to be accessed

However having such rule in the main htaccess would likely render the entire site inaccessible

So it shouldn’t be a security problem removing that rule.

But I’m not an expert on this, just from what I know usual htaccess rules in the root won’t include such restrictions.

So you should be fine …

Thank you for your feedback to my question and it reassures me a lot what you say. Indeed it was to secure a little more but the site works and I even personalized the reception of the mail by removing what bothered me above with values like name_33201, email_33201 etc :v:

In case, there would be people who would seek to customize the mail reception and remove the names of each block followed by the ID of the form, it is necessary to go to the folder “include” edit the file "form_(ID of your form) " Go to the bottom of the page in the part create a mail and you change only the names before the “:”.
For example if you have Name_3301:$name_3301, you can modify by Client Name: $name_3301, etc

Attention for those who have selector: If you want to know what choice the customer has made, you must go in blocks edit the selector and for each option give the value of your selection and not numbers because otherwise you will receive the mail from a future customer with “selection :2”.

Good idea to highlight this. I’ve always done that, but if you’re not use to forms it might not be so obvious.

@Malachiman. For my part it’s fine, it’s just that you have to understand how BLOCS works and its interactions. I’ve set myself a goal of making a site with BLOCS for a friend. Now I will be able to give myself other goals and create other sites with different needs and I will be super comfortable. :+1: