Sticky Footer - SOLVED - BLOCS3 - 12_2018


Thanks Claude @webplus

Too tired to realize it was missing. Just edited the code with our litttle z guy.



Hello @MDS & @webplus I have done what you said and didn’t work.
Please check it, I create a website just for tests.

Can you check please?

In Blocs Preview - OK
In Safari MAC - OK
In iPhone - NOK
In Android - NOK
In iPad - NOK


Set the Z-index to 999.

Have you made the necessary changes in padding for the 3 other view breakpoints ?

Bed time here - so I can reply tomorrow.

If you want you can PM me your .bloc file and I can see if there is any issue (it can be just one page)



@MDS Done it, no success too… I send you the .bloc file MP.


Hi Pedro @Pealco

Just to let you know I am working on it.



@MDS Thank you very much.


Hi Just to keep you informed I have been working on this all morning and it appears to be more tricky than what I initially thought. Might not have the correct solution today but will strive to get it working.

Will keep you informed in due time.



Sorry for the trouble.
I’m happy al least is not my fault… LOL

Thanks in advance.


No it’s really weird - just it might take some time to figure out what’s going on. :wink:



Hello @Norm do you have any ideas to help @MDS, and me of course?
Thanks in advance


I think that maybe version 3.0.6 has something to do with it. Because I cannot get it back to view as originally with initial settings.


@MDS didn’t understand. You mean that with this new version 3.0.6 now it works with the original code in the top of the topic?


No just the opposite


oh, I don’t think so, because only just now I upgrade Blocs to this version, and is doing that in the previous version yesterday.


Well I updated yesterday.


Okay so I re-built it base upon the information provided initially in the original topic.

This .bloc file below is the example that works for me.

Sticky footer.bloc (207.4 KB)



It seems to work well. I didn’t use your bloc but I used the code. Uploaded a test and it worked on my desktop, tablet and phone. I had the same thought about it as your bloc. Makes a nice sticky footer for contact and social icons. I was thinking about using them aligned right outside of the regular content area with a transparent bloc background.

Thanks again for doing this.


The bloc was just an example. Sure you can do much better. Indeed, the tranparent background is a nice idea, may use it that way too. :wink:



A great contribution @MDS the option is really interesting, just missing as well comment, find a correct use and a consistent design, I think that abuse of this functionality without taking into account these aspects, damaging the user experience.

The truth is that it greatly enriches that we have a community like this, it truly becomes an added value for the program.

It’s a pleasure to be part of it. Let’s keep surfing! :surfing_man:


Thanks. Not sure I fully understand your comment though. :wink: