Tab brics please!


toggle visibility is known but is not addressing the need as you have to click each time to close an element.

Tabs instead will close automatically the other at the same time as opening the target.


Muse also failed in part because of the third party blame game. Either Adobe blamed the 3rd party or the 3rd party blamed Adobe. It was a little bit of both.
Customer support is paramount …especially now more than ever. Competition is fierce. But an app like Blocs is actually fun to work with. Better competively if you don’t have to go hunting for something that is used regularly. Tabbed info is still good in its place.
Having standard faire native Brics is essential for success. Alternative boutique Brics/Widgets/Plugins is great and welcomed.



I totally agree the best world is “having standard faire…” as preferable to having to shop elsewhere.

So my wish list for blocs is the following:

  1. Tab/Accordion brics (i.e. like muse widgets) that have highly customizable attributes - which you can see 3 versions of on my own website, and came with a theme template I purchased from MuseThemes:;
  2. a Blog bric, like what is offered by QooQee (a 3rd party Muse widget maker) which they call Blog/CMS, which you can see here:



I agree with you. why do not you integrate them in the ‘wish list’


oh yeah…will do. :slight_smile:


the website you gave as example is EXACTLY what I’m looking for :pray:t2:

I would pay a brics if any developer would make it available.


Norm says an audio player is in the works for Blocs! I’m sure lots of other good stuff too. Happy Camper.


I’m thinking the demise of Muse was more to do with Adobe! There was far too much work to fully integrate Muse into the Creative Cloud like what they have done with their other apps which didn’t give them the stats they are gathering from the apps that are cloud-integrated! As of last week it is very clear from their Adobe Max event that Adobe Dreamweaver is next!


There are tons of developers trying to fill in that “Muse” gap let alone hundreds of other me to apps with…
No Coding. That’s a big grey area.

Mobirise, Sparkle, dozens and dozens. WordPress, to some extent very minor Drupal, Joomla with page builders like DIVI for Word Press.
The challenge, one of many, is to build a solid business plan while at the same time stay focused on customer service, let alone developing the app itself to fill an ever widening niche.

Adobe is repositioning their business into Big Data. The sharks smell blood and are diving in to eat up the remains …Affinity Photo, publisher, replacements for Dreamweaver the list goes on and on.

Blocs for the most part is an incredibly easy to use app. The code export is good. It’s code is lighter than most. Pages need to load fast these days or potential customers are lost forever. It’s like making a phone call and the phone just rings for a long time …aggravations no one wants.