URL Slug Change for Pages

Not sure if what you’re asking about could be redirects? Never heard the term “URL Slug”, so my guess is your concerned about changing page addresses on your site.
You should map the old page to what the equivalent new page would be, based on subjects. Then the best practice would be to do permanent (301) redirects from the old pages too the new ones. How you accomplish this is dependent on your web hosting service. Some services you would use a file called .htaccess On your servers root directory. Some hosting companies have options within your cPannel.
Might have a look at your hosting companies help area, or check out this article:

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Sometimes You don´t see the forrest because of all Trees…

Klick on those lines in the RED CIRCLE, then You find your answer.

Good luck with the SEO optimises……

Dear @Paug, Thanks for your reply. My concern is of changing the URL of page when it exports it matches the page name.

Example of Page Name: Test Your Website
Default: test-your-website.html
What if I want: test-website.html

@teefers Hope you’ll understand!

@Norm Can you please look into this, I’d requested this long-time back.


This should be possible page name and title are different values, so set your page name to one and title to the other??

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@Norm Yeah! Right now, Blocs currently pick page name as URL, there should be an option to update URL. So that when exporting it will use that as file name.

Example of Page Name: Test Your Website
Default: test-your-website.html
What If I Want: test-website.html


The page name is actually only used for the file name (unless I’m mistaken), out of interest, why do you want it different to the file name?

The page title is used in the browser title bar for SEO etc.

The page name is used for page file name and urls.

In app the page name is also used by menu manager but you can manually edit this via menu manager.

@Norm Thanks for your reply!

  1. I understand the case of Menu, which is fine.

  2. There are many cases for which you need Title/Page Name to be different as per SEO and URL shorter or customized.

  3. This this is base for any Web Design application and Blocs is built as good quality so I expect the freedom for designers. Most of Application have such facility and it will be very very easy to do for developer like you :wink:


I’m sorry I still don’t fully understand.

The Title attribute is used for SEO which Blocs has, page name in blocs is basically file name, I’m trying to understand were else page name is used that would require it to be different to the file name.

Page settings has title and page name options.


@Norm OMG!!! Now I get it so basically PAGE NAME is the deciding factor of page URL. SEO Title is for normal Title.

I’ve been stuck due to that from months! I hope this time it’s correct.

LOL :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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@Norm Now in PAGE NAME I’m putting “software&app-development” but Blocs is exporting “softwareandapp-development”

I want: example.com/software&app-development.html
But its: example.com/softwareandapp-development.html


@Norm How can I have 5 columns? Thanks

You shouldn’t use any special characters other than the hyphen - , the underscore _ or period . in your file names or They might not load correctly. Also should avoid spaces. Bloc’s appears to be taking care of this for you.


@teefers Thanks for your reply. I know, but the company for which I’m redesigning the website from last few months have that URL active and SEO done, so they want same URLs.

Bad for SEO as well check out this article from search engine land:

Check out the section “Search For Reserved & Unsafe Characters”. The ampersand & is listed not to use.

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@teefers Thanks for the reference. Absolutely I have shared multiple links with the customer, but I hope you understand if customer don’t understand then they don’t :laughing:

@Norm What can be done about that?

Another Question: How can I have 5 or 7 columns?


@teefers @norm & mates wish you all and your family happy holidays! :slight_smile:

Hey Blocs uses Bootstrap 3 for the layout and that framework doesn’t offer an option for 5 or 7 columns.

As for the URLs If your client is using file names as part of the url with .html then they won’t be able to ad especially characters to the name so should have them in the first place. If they do may try using escaped characters that might work (I’m not sure)

Merry Christmas.

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Hello @ac.afd

You can use this trick to get 5 or 7 columns.

Check my quick video here.

Cheers / Johny

@Jakerlund Wish you and your family Merry Christmas! Thanks for the amazing & simple trick :slight_smile:

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Teefers answer is the correct one…ht.access 301 redirects. just not over 500! :slight_smile: