Volt CMS Update 1.9.2

As long as you present them with a site that has the basic structure and initial content in place they should be able to manage basic edits themselves afterwards. You will have to explain that they cannot change background colours or make rainbow headers, which some find disappointing because they seem to think a CMS will allow them to draw what they want on the page like a 3 year old with a set of crayons.

Oh man!!! < sad face />

Yeah, most of my sites are CMS driven, but over kill for what most people need. This hits the spot in the middle and makes a flexible static site.


I agree. This has as much flexibility as most will need without the potential headaches of using WP.

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I was going to call WP evil and horrible and… then I realise a lot of people here seem to want to use it. lol

Actually, you would even be able to allow the end user (client) to apply a rainbow :rainbow: text style to his headers by creating a custom CSS class, and enter the class name in the Volt Core settings as selectable style. The end user would be then easily able to enable / disable that style.

You could give it also a comic sans font face if you really want to rock it :call_me_hand:





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I am suddenly realizing that all the content I am adding is not saving so as soon as I log out the content is not saved and disappears.

Any suggestions? I am sure it is me…

Are you saving the changed with the green tick?


Then exiting the CMS edit through the red door exit?


It may be necessary to refresh the page afterwards to see the changes.


Yes I am doing all that. I have tried saving and viewing changes on another tab or even another browser but although I get the big white tick to confirm saving nothing has been.


I wonder if your PHP settings may need some adjustment on the server. In my case I had to enable GD and Zip. If you check on the server with the FTP client can you see a folder called _cms? There should be various contents inside that folder.

GD and Zip are both enabled. _cms folder is present on the server. It has the content as you would expect but still nothing showing on website.

I think you’ll need some help from Jannis then. He can study the logs to see what is wrong. As frustrating as this may be at present it’s all good, because we’ll learn something and changes will be made if needed to improve Volt.

In my case it only took minutes to resolve issues once discovered and it may be something with your settings inside Blocs. Did you add the URL for the site inside project settings?

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Jannis - helloooooo :slight_smile:

Sorry missed the question about the url - yes I did.


Is the CMS located at the root level, rather than a sub folder? See how my demo was installed at https://liubliu.co.uk/ rather than something like https://liubliu.co.uk/test/

Another thought is if you have any weird htaccess on the site causing problems or folder permissions set incorrectly.

Yes it is in the root. I watched the demo too :grinning:

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Clutching at straws here but I believe it requires an Apache or LiteSpeed server with PHP 7.2 or higher. I am not sure how it would work if you had an Nginx server or old version of PHP. Something like Cloudflare could potentially cause issues as well.

I am hosted on a linux server with php version 7.2.5.


Linux can run Nginx. It may be fine with Nginx but I don’t know if that has specifically been tested. Jannis will probably have better ideas.

Thank you very much.