2.4 classes double shown in sidebar (all betas till 7)

This is what the sidebar shows on several classes whwn opening a 2.3.1 project.
As well as classes given to pictures (not all though).

Is this happening to someone else?

Yes, I’ve had the same thing happen in a project I’m working on. I’ve even deleted both classes from the sidebar and reapplied the class and it has come back.

I’ve also experienced a problem when adding images from the asset manager. When hovering over images I’ve had it fill the background with a image. I have had a hard time deleting the image from the background as it does not show up as a background image in the sidebar.

@norm I’m not sure I like being able to target a image placeholder and as you scroll through your images the asset manager populates a preview. Maybe it shows how it will look at the current size but it just seems like this is really not needed. Mouse in and out of the area and the images just jump in and out, a little confusing. I’d just rather scroll through my images and pick the one I want. (no preview) Just my two cents…


Switch it off, its in prefs.

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You shouldn’t get this issue anymore, it was fixed in build 7. Keep backups of projects when using them in the betas.

Thanks @norm missed that one. I know you added the sound for export (which can be turned off) I really like it but I was wondering if you could add one for saving a project. I use the keyboard shortcut a lot to make sure I save changes as needed. Hearing you hit the right shortcut would be helpful.


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Thanks for the comments but they don´t help much with this double class issues

Just to clarify, I think the bug is now fixed since build 7. As it states in all the beta release notes keep project backups because of issues just like this, so use a project back up and you won’t have any class issues.

Saving master files in beta releases over your only copy of a file is not a good idea.

Pardon, we are using a back up from 08.April done with 2.3.1 and opened it now with 2.4 beta 8.

Same thing as the above picture…

Just to get this clear, this project is made with Blocs 2.3.1 and has never been edited in 2.4?

Now when you open the file in 2.4 it shows the above, is that correct?

Absolutely correct Norm.

And it´s only with some classes, not the whole project. But we can´t find a rule to say it´s only images as some other classes given on images dont show double.
Eg, it happens to class on the menu too.

Very curious waht happens as beta 8 would be nice to work with and also upload with the latest blocs features wich are well done.

Any chance you could direct message me the file and I’ll see what’s happening and put something in place to stop it.

Some of us opened old back ups just to make sure that this is really an issue and there was no saving with 2.4 beta 1234 or so. Pardon, we never send files containing customer details out off office.
It still happens so we wait until final 2.4 and if it will be still there we have to rebuild.

Not that it effects the design in preview – just strange and annoying to work with.

Ok I’ll do my best.

Sure you do!

Recognizin great process from 231 till now already.
We all like especially that major basics now are on the way and there is an open ear to what all was suggested for 2.4.


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Do the duplicate classes display in the class manager, or only in some objects they’re assigned to?

Read above and lokk at screenshot.

No issue on preview - even not when upload.
Double classed schould JUST NOT appear.

Open yourselfe up a “back suggested back” up see.
It will not happen with ALL classes - but it will here and there.

Have fun checking if you have 50 classes :slight_smile:

Sorry, didn´t corecctly answered.
But as you are an old lad of blocks I am surprised you asking this as you might have noticed the stage of the above screnshot.

IT apears in Sidebar where it shouldn´t.

And yes - without your question - , clickicking on either of tehm brings us tahn into the class manager.
And changes and work works well without (by now) noticed effect on preview or publishing.

Seems very much to us that this is an issue of compabilty to 231.
No Prob - just rebuild (if not solved on final)

Actually… that would bring up the Class Editor. You can open the Class Manager from the Windows menu.

@ScottinPollock That´s right of course.
In class manager there is only one class shown, no prob. Only in the side bar twice shown the class name.

The double class in the class token field issue has now been fixed in Blocs 2.4 build 9. Should hopefully be available early tomorrow.