2 blocs side by side

Hi! I searched the documentation and the forum but didn´t find out how to get 2 blocs side by side in one row. I could code this after export but I think there must be an easy way. Can anyone help?

Do you have an example to illustrate the “2 blocs side by side”?

You mean like this?

Hi mackyangeles!
Thanks for your reply!
Yes, that´s what I mean. The ID is bloc-tile-2

It can easily be done! Please below steps…

Step 1 - Under Structure Panel - Select the Second bloc

Step 2 - Click the left side then apply color

Step 3 - Click the right side then apply image

Step 4 - Click the right side and on the settings panel check the Parallax enable

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I new it is basic. Didn´t recognize that the second stucture is the tile-thing. I thought this creates two columns.

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