2016 Blocs Websites

Hi guys! I would like to share some of my Blocs Sites so far. Hope it will inspire you! Stay Creative everyone. :slight_smile:

Hassle-free Realty Philippines
Diamas Solutions
Timson Trade
I Am Who I Am Foundation, Inc.

WIP Projects

ConSync Digital
Koncepts to Kreations
Greener Pastures
Euro Chemicals, Inc.
Camerton Holdings
Water Synergy Solutions

Hope you all like it! More improvements coming up :slight_smile:


These look really good. It sounds like you must be very happy using Blocs to produce websites for clients.

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I have too commend you @mackyangeles, all the work I have seen from you is very nice. At a young age you have a very clear and solid sense of color and esthetics in your designs. The only thing I would advise/suggest is watch out for using too small of font sizes or too thin of fonts, some seem rather small/thin (when coupled together) even on desktop, IMHO.

Amongst all the Blocs sites I have seen, yours are some of the best to demonstrate what’s possible with Blocs and are a good showcase for the Blocs app itself. @Norm some screen shots w/links on the Blocs app page could possibly do Blocs some good from a marketing and sales standpoint. And others work as well, @Eldar’s templates, etc., just a thought.

You have a bright future ahead Macky to match your smile. Now if you can just get Norm to add more of those “Structure Blocs” that you keep asking for, it would help others as well I am sure. :wink:

By the way I noticed your image compression seems quite good, are you using anything specific in your workflow?


Thank you @Blocs_User for the feedback appreciate it very much! :slight_smile:

For image compression I used TinyPNG!

@Blocs_User good idea, I’ve been meaning to do that for some time and also add some quotes from users too.

@mackyangeles if you get the time bud, you should share how you compress your images in the tips and tricks category. Share what apps and settings you use. I think other members would find it really useful!

Keep up the amazing work :sunglasses:

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Hi @pauland thank for the fyi. That’s a Chinese Characters… looks like you don’t have a support for it. :wink:

No, I’m not so great with Chinese.

Since it’s an English language site, why are they there? If you need them perhaps they could be an image or a google font?

Nice designs.


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@pauland haha we do have a cultural missunderstanding there #AsianProblems haha Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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Just for your info, I’m viewing your cool sites at a free wifi cafe in Christchurch New Zealand.
I’m not your target market, but your sites are very slow to load here.
Probably doesn’t make any difference, just for your info.

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