3 columns in carousel


I need help with creating carousel with three columns per slide. Is is possible in Blocs at all?
The idea is to make carousel look lake this:

Will be glad for any advice.

Thanx in advance

The carousel is specifically designed for images with a text overlay. One way to get the effect you want would be to create an image with the three columns of content. You could do this in blocs itself by creating a three column bloc, add your content (images and text) and then preview. Do a screen grab of the three column bloc and add the resulting image to the carousel. You can then delete the bloc. Alternatively, a better quality image could be created in a graphics application, such as Affinity Designer, and save out as an SVG. This will keep text sharp regardless of the size of your carousel.

Be aware that you may have to create a single column version of the carousel for use on mobiles as the text will become difficult to read. You would then use the visibility options in Blocs to display the relevant version on each device.

Thank you hendon52,

despite this is solution in a way, I’m looking for more editable one. The closest to the idea is Bootstrap Carousel:

However I do lack a knowledge of how to implement that in Blocs - from what I know Blocs do support Bootstrap 4, just don’t know where to start…

Guys, do you have any advice how to apply Bootstrap Carousel into Blocs?