4 default breakpoints in Blocs?


I think due to the size of your screen you are unable to see your design full width due to the apps user interface.

Did you try zooming out?


FYI - Didn’t they change the default in Bootstrap 4, from 1170 (BS3) to 1140 (BS4).

@teefers & @Creative here is your opportunity for discussion in a new thread …


Oh yes they did :flushed:


At 1140 its now cleanly divisible by 12. I’m surprised you didn’t spot that :thinking:





This will be fixed up ( default max width ) in todays patch update.


I would like to add to the chorus for an XL (larger than 1200px) size/breakpoint.

I need to embed variously sized photo galleries (created with JuiceBox) where ideally the largest gallery (and slowest to load) would only be accessed by browsers larger than 1200px and medium and small sized versions of the same gallery would be enabled at the large & medium breakpoints and small & x-small breakpoints, respectively.

This would optimize page load speeds according the available real estate in the browser.