404 & 401 page re-direct help!

Hi all,

I am looking for advice on creating a 404 and 401 page re-direct.

I have looked for my .htaccess file, and this does not exist on a current project - so I can create this, thats no problem. But then I am stumped!

i have used a few of what people have used on for forum, but just can not get this to work. i have deleted it all and want to start fresh.

I have a URL page lock on some pages from my hosting and when I click cancel this takes me straight to a 401 page, where I would like to create my own and direct the user to try again or option of going to the home page.

I take it both are possible in Blocs.

I would lobe just a simple area of say 4-5 lines which make this happen and I just change the URL each time I create a website and use this in the .htaccess on each public folder.

Thanks all

Hi @AdieJAM, I’ll send you a .htaccess file in PM. Just upload it to the root of your server and rename the file by adding a “.” . It does the following:

  1. Redirects automatically to https://
  2. Improves page loading speed
  3. Redirects you to a 404 / 403 page when the page does not exists.

Just create in blocs a 404 / 403 etc page. Assuming you’re using clean url’s and the error pages are in the root.
Two samples here:

Let me know when you have issues.


@Jerry I’d like the .htaccess file too please :slight_smile:

Hi @pumpkin here you go: htaccess.zip (1.1 KB)


Thank you!

Hu @Jerry - brilliant ! thank you so so much. i will jump on this over the weekend - and amazing !