A HTML bric that doesn't drive me insane

Don’t get me wrong, I love the HTML bric. It’s a wonderful thing - it even works in the design environment.

As wonderful as the HTML bric is, I want an option in the attributes to turn it off in the design environment and just have a placeholder. When the page is exported, I want the bric content to be exported, but an option for it not to be included at design time will save my sanity.

Why will being able to turn off the bric save my sanity? …because I have an internet radio element and all the while I end up listening to music while blocsapp is opened to this page. Worse still, if I have two of these brics, I get it twice over. Of course I can turn the sound off, then when I test the site in a local browser, I can listen to that content in a browser and in the design environment all at the same time.

Help me Norm!



Sorry about that, that sounds like hell :flushed:

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