A list of improvements I would like to see


I have been using Blocs extensively for the past several months and use it on a daily basis. I’ve been taking notes any time I run into things I think could use improving. I share them with you now:

-Undo (CMD + Z) does not work after making changes in the Class Manager. It would be really nice if it did.

-An option for icon logo would be nice. We have an option for image logo, so why not an icon logo as well?

-Up/Down arrows to increment/decrement things like font sizes and margin would be really cool instead of having to hand type values in.

-When creating a new class, colors default to 0% opacity. Personally, I don’t see the logic behind this. I think defaulting to 100% would make more sense.

-If I could select multiple elements, say 4 buttons, at the same time and add freehand margins to them by holding SHIFT and dragging would be a huge plus.

-Having the option to choose which code inspector to use in Preview mode (CTL + V) would be nice. Not all of us like the Safari inspector and would prefer Chrome.

-Real-time updates when previewing in browser so when I make updates in Blocs all I would have to do is refresh my browser instead of having to open a new browser window every time I want to see my changes.

-It would be nice if I could rename page templates I’ve created, even being able to edit and save contents, instead of having to create entirely new ones and deleting the old ones.

-ALWAYS have “Save before closing” dialog box pop up when we accidentally fat-finger CMD+Q. A few times it has happened and there was no option for me to save recent changes I had made. Seems like a bug.

-Add SASS abilities.

That’s all I have for now. Thanks!


This feature would be nice for future templates :smiley: something like templates that @Eldar is doing
:+1: up