A New Tool That Works With Blocs


Here’s a little preview of something we will be releasing later this year. It works with Blocs and your favourite Code Editor. Kinda like a virtual device wall, but a lot more powerful than those chrome plugins you already tried.

I’ll be reaching out for beta testers here in the forum, pretty soon.

This video demonstrates how it works with Blocs: https://vimeo.com/user11330814/LDO-preview

P.S You’ll also notice the new Blocs 2.5 Asset Manager in the video too :sunglasses:

Thoughts For the New Year
BLocs compatible with MOOM

That looks amazing, is this the add-on you hinted at a while back?

Count me in for the beta testing :slight_smile:


Great to see this advancing so quickly. Very slick video too.


Haha I wish it’s been a year in the making.


Yes this is it :+1:t2:


Very promising. :slight_smile:


Hi Norm,

looks great.

would like to be included for beta testing when its available.




yessss, thats awesome and very usefull, really looking forward to test it, I have some questions all ready, but first the beta tests…


Feel free to ask questions, it may help me write the docs for it.


I couldn’t help thinking this would be great for Blocs if it were some kind of plugin, so you can have it all within a single interface spread across the display, rather than having two separate apps on the screen. Perhaps there could be a way to let the user decide.


If in LDO I have a iPhone screen format and a iMac screen format, I can see my design both live. OKE
If I go to Blocs and I am in desktopview and edit a class its updated live: OKE
but what happens if I go in Blocs to Mobileview and edit then the class, is than only the iPhone preview in LDO updated?


The app is designed to work with other apps not just Blocs, this works great for 2 monitors. Your design app on one side and a live output on the other.


Yeah that’s right, it also renders additional style sheets attached to pages in Blocs so you can edit those in a code editor and see the output in realtime too.


Very cool! Any name for the new baby yet?


Yeah, more info soon.


Looks awesome!


Looks cool Norm,
if you need extra Beta testers give me a shout.



Available beta tester here hehehe :blush:


I’d love to help test it also.




I haven’t posted here in about 6 months ( won’t ask if anyone missed me :), but from time to time I peeked in to see what was going on with Blocs and its users. I am intrigued by this new little app, specifically using it in conjunction with native Code Editors. I do have some questions about it’s features but I guess I will wait to use it before inquiring as some may be self evident. Anyway, I would be interested in Beta Testing this app and would welcome the opportunity to do so.

Also I noticed a few weeks ago a post from you here at the forum about the API coming back (via HTML/CSS/JS) and a Slack group regarding it (the post here seems to have been removed since). I would likewise be interested in being part of extending Blocs through its updated API. A Slack invite would be welcome as well.

Thanks in advance.