A new way to create a Gallery of Pics

Hi all:

As usual, finding a solution to galleries seems to be a regular theme here in the Blocs world.
Sure, we have some solutions like “Iconic Gallery” which I use and highly recommend, as well as “Swiper” which I also use and recommend.
However, I wish “Swiffy Carousel” worked as advertised, and I always have concerns that we might not see Whitfield again. ( I hope that isn’t the case)

In any event, I noticed that Moon-App has an application called maGalleryCreator.

I found it interesting because they mention you can create a responsive web gallery online with their app.
I contacted this company, and they jumped right in creating a tutorial to use their product in Blocs.
How to add a maGalleryCreator photo gallery into a Blocs® project?

I was rather impressed with how quickly this support was provided.

Now, for the record, I don’t own this product (yet) and I have nothing to do with the good folks at Moon-App, so I am not posting this here because I will receive something.

However, I am posting this because I hope someone else will pick up the baton and give this a whirl and let us all know how simple, or difficult, it would be to create a Gallery.

Rich the Weather Guy