A strange symbol (L SEP) sometimes appears (solved)

Happy New Year!

A strange symbol (L SEP) sometimes appears on a web page. What can I do there?

I hade that once; it has something to do with the charset. I solved it with a small piece of code… If you google it, you will find a few solutions…

Mhm, the google instructions may or may not work. I’m overwhelmed. Is it not possible that the program generates a correct code right away, @norm. Customer is already annoyed …

You will find it only happens in Chrome (from memory).

As a quick fix for now, try adding this to the page footer. It will remove the character code from the page.

document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/\u2028/g, '');

Out of curiosity, did you paste from a word document?

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I tried to find my problem + solution; but it was long ago, and I can’t find it anymore. If I recall it correctly; it was indeed caused by copy pasting from a document. And if my mind is correct; I solved it with a htacces file… So sorry I can’t help you with better details and a perfect solution.

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I suspect it comes from a Word program. I usually always convert this to plain text with TextEdit. No idea whether Blocs does the same thing when importing. The difficult thing is that I can’t see it myself on my computer, only the customers. So it’s a search for these characters, I’ll try the script again.

When copying text into Blocs I always use: Paste Plain Text.
It solves a lot of headaches and on top of that, it’s free!