A Viable Theme builder?

Hello All! I currently work with the oxygen builder and im looking to make the transition to Blocs. I run an agency and 90% of my clients prefer to update their websites themselves so we are sticking with Wordpress.

I have a couple questions that I hope I can get answered before I make the purchase of blocs.

a) When pushing a template to a live server, how does updating page elements work? Do I update them in Blocs > save as template again > upload the updated template or can I push the updates to the live site?

b) Would I be able to custom build out woocommerce pages? I see the suggestions about Ecwid… but woo has no monthly costs for me

c) How does custom post type and fields work? All documentation is short on this. When making a custom post type I see it in wordpress in the side menu, but it still doesnt show up on the Blocs builder as having custom posts… and the fields dont show up anywhere.

Im starting to assume that Blocs is best for Non-CMS sites. I would really love to use this for wordpress themes but I need to ability to go beyond a basic website where I wont need custom shop pages and dynamic functionality.