About “1tr” of “Css grid”

If you paste the copied “1tr”, it will return to its original state.What does this “1tr” mean?I would like someone to explain this difference.

You will find it’s “fr” not “tr”

It stands for Fractional Unit. Lots of info online to explain in more details.

“tr” is used in HTML markup when defining table rows.

Oh! Mr.Pete Sarp.
My eyesight was bad. Thank you, it’s resolved. However, does changing this number to something other than ‘1’ not make a difference, as long as it’s just the ‘name’ ‘1fr’?

Does it mean that you are simply calling a pre-made ‘custom class’ named ‘1fr’?

“Fr” is a fundamental concept required to understand CSS Grid. It means available space so that a grid template of 1fr would mean use all available space. 1fr 1fr cmwould create 2 equal sized columns, but the real power comes when you combine it with other values. Google it and you will find plenty of explanations, generators and examples.

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Thank you, I will look it up.


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Thank you :pray: