About WordPress export

There is a WordPress export, but is it easy to move to WordPress using this function?

The WordPress Export will effectively generate a WordPress theme.
Within WordPress, the theme dictates how the layout of the site looks, but it is separated from the content. That is entered in the “Pages” and “Posts” sections in the backend.

So I reckon if you’re using a plain html site now, moving your content will be a bit of copy-pasting.

After all it seems that you have to study WordPress.Thank you :bangbang:

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You’re most welcome. It really isn’t all that hard. It’s just a different approach (which in my humble opinion is an advantage, as it lets one work on the layout without having to re-do the content).

The Blocs team made a small video series on how the WordPress functionality works, but I find it to give one a good view on how the decoupled setup (theme separate from the content) in WordPress works: Building a Wordpress Theme - Section 1 - Introduction - YouTube

Best of luck.

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