Accordian Bric


Thanks for sharing! I am sure it will be helpful to many people!


You’re welcome @Eldar! The truth is that I feel personally very pleased to be able to help you move forward, even from a distance … you never know, maybe one day we can give a lecture of Blocs App (In Spanish to be able to be :smiley: ) in Madrid, for the world! :earth_africa:

As far as I can help, it will be a pleasure.


That sounds great! I am traveling a lot because of my regular business, and I have a dream to host offline seminars/workshops for potential Blocs users while I am visiting different countries. I really like to connect with Blocs users in real life, and it would be amazing to do that on a bigger scale.


Well, you know that I do not speak English and that I’m always in touch with the translator … but come on, when you’re in Madrid, you’re invited. I also dream of crossing the pond one day. :airplane: