Accordian toggle indicator


Is there anyway of applying an open close indicator in the accordian bric?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same Problem :wink:

I’ve copied a shortcut arrow inside the Text like :arrow_up_down:.
Unfortunately you can not edit the Label/Headline-text anymore.

I also do not know how to keep the first point closed.

I am looking for something similar. I have a website with a summary of a book that is very long and I’d like that to be visible only when clicked. Given the length of content it really needs a close option at the bottom as well and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious means of doing this in Blocs.

Unfortunately the accordion in blocs is very basic, and it automatically adds the “show” class to the first item. The way around that is to delete the first item in blocs and they will all be closed.

You can add arrows and indicators with some simple CSS.

Yeah I know how to delete the first part and do that regularly. In this case I just want a single area that can be clicked on to reveal the summary contents of roughly 50 chapters, but have the ability to close it either at the top or after scrolling to the bottom. I’ve also thought about doing this in a modal where you do at least have a close option for the footer.

Right now this is the one impediment from rebuilding a Rapidweaver site in Blocs. They have a few stacks that can do this sort of thing.

Whoops, I mis-read the thread.

If I understand correctly, you can add something at the bottom of the text and turn it into a close link using Custom Data Attributes. This could be text or an icon. You can also animate with some CSS.



get that ID from here

OK thanks I’ll give it a go.