Accordion error

I’m using the Accordion Bric with Blocs 3.2.2 and when I click one of the accordions link brics in order to collapse the desired section, the interaction I get is the page with the accordion being opened in a new browser tab!

The issue is present both in preview mode and in the published version. In the browser address the link for the section is truncated at „sitename.html#“. Shouldn’t it be continued, for example, with „#accordion-12345-item-2“?

Does anyone encountered this issue, respectively, is there a fix for this?


Hi - One thought: confirm that the interactions setting in the sidebar is set to None when you have an accordion link element selected in the layer tree.


Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your suggestion! The interaction for all link elements are set to “None”. So, it must be something else…

hhmmm…sorry that’s not it. I have several accordions in my site, and they all function correctly in the Blocs 3 v3.2.2 preview mode, as well as Blocs 3 Browser preview mode (the site is not live yet)