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Hi Blocs users

Learning Blocs for three days and getting there.

I have three pages and the nav is inside the global area. The navigation is now customized. New color, font and _hover state. – I figured out all the needed classes and sub classes stylings. The hover works great. So my question is: when I switch from page to page, shouldn’t the _active state of the navigation change the styling of the active menu autoaticly as well?

Thx for the support.

Yes, if you have the Nav in the global area then the classes should work on all pages that have the Nav.

Did you try saving the project, closing out Blocs and restart Blocs? Also did you try exporting the project to see if it works online?

I’m not sure what version your using?


Hi Casey,

I am using 2.5

I did export it, tested it in V mode and preview in browser.
the classes work in all areas. This is not the problem.

My question is: if i have f.e. Home, About, Contact and switch to About, the “About” text should be (as an active state) set to BOLD f.e. this does not happen. As I figured out, _active means in BLOCS more like “rollover”/activated/triggered. So in my case, the settings in the _active state in the states-dropdown would not help me.

I hope you get what I mean :wink:

OK, I understand now. I know it’s possible and I think it’s been covered here before? I think @Jakerlund did a tutitorial on this, I searched the forum and didn’t see it. Hopefully Jakerlund will help.


Hello @michaelokraj

I’m not sure, but maybe @casey1823 is referring to this

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thx @casey1823 hope you will find it :+1:t2:

thx @Eldar – almost. this works. but I thought of a more automatic styling.

btw: great tutorials. watched them all. really good job, mate

@Eldar link will show how this is possible. Thanks Eldar.


Have a look here: Changing the navigation menu style

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