Add LMS for wordpress to Blocs

Hi Folks,
I want to create an elearning website. LearnDash offers a wordpress plugin LMS. Can this be used in blocs?

My understanding of WordPress can currently be written on the back of a small postage stamp, but wouldn’t this simply be a case of creating the theme in Blocs, then adding the plugin to the WordPress site as you would with any other? As long as that plugin is compatible with Blocks Gutenberg I think you should be fine. @brechtryckaert or indeed @Norm are probably best qualified to clarify this.

Hi @cathy007

Technically this shouldn’t pose any problems. Just create a theme and install it in WordPress. The only exception I could think of is when the LMS would have specific elements that deviate from the standard WordPress styling classess. So I would suggest testing your theme in a staging environment to see if additional classes are required or not.

Thanks for this I will experiment. My knowledge of Wordpress is pretty much 0. So hopefully I will figure it out. Thanks for your advice.

Thanks for this, I’ll give it a shot.

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