Add locally hosted fonts on a per project basis

I do not use Google fonts because of privacy issues in Germany. All fonts used in my projects are installed locally on the clients webserver.

The way Blocs now handles local fonts is you have to install them globally using the font manager in the preferences menu. This is OK if you only have a few fonts installed, but it can get a bit cumbersome if you have 20-30 local fonts installed globally. It takes some time to scroll through the list when setting up the fonts for a specific project. Also this can cause organisational problems - esp. if your a chaotic person like me :wink:

SO my wish/suggestion is:

  1. Add local fonts on a per project basis. When a project is opened, only the fonts added to that project will be linked and shown.
  2. When a project is packaged and exported, export the local fonts associated with that project - much the same way as Adobe InDesign does. This is an added security, in case you delete the original font from your local drive (idiot proofing 4 me :slight_smile:

That’s all for now :slight_smile:


Exactly what is needed. :+1:

With each client having its own branding (or CI) font for their company and website, my fonts in Blocs accumulate to an inconvenient amount to handle. I have to scroll by far too much around anytime I need too choose any of the few needed fonts (normally 2 to 4) for the project I am working on. Not an efficient workflow really, because I cannot delete any currently non project related fonts, as they are missing then if I need to continue work in another client’s project.


A revised font manager is top of my wish list and 20-30 local fonts is no problem. Wait to you are working on a dozen projects and have more than 100, allowing for different weights etc. I would like to see a system where a large number can be bulk installed, instead of one at a time, but then select the fonts you want for each project.