Add recent Apple device's frames


For mobile apps developers, using the latest device’s frames is very important.
The iPhone X (or XS or XR) and the iPad Pro are now the preferred devices to use when communicating about your app. The Apple Watch and the MacBook are different too.
It would be nice to have access to such bezels directly from block (they are officially available from


I think that is one you will have to address @Norm

I’ve had concerns in the past about using the Apple devices on non Apple related websites and whether that might raise some objection from Apple, especially on a commercial website.


Yes, but there are no issues when these assets are used to promote iOS or macOS apps. Apple provides the bezels for this exact purpose. The bricks that comes with Blocs is using outdated devices (the iPhone 6s at best). Any design using this brick looks dated. We can of course use pre-rendered images but it defies the purpose of this brick. @Norm already said more than a year ago that he was going to update the brick with the new (at this time) iPhone X bezel. Now, even the iPad Pro, the Apple Watch and the computers are different. Maybe the bric should be customizable, allowing to upload the foreground and background bezels and specifying the coordinates of the screen portion. I feel that this would work for Apple and non-Apple devices.