Add to Bric Library

As for Blocs with Brics…

There is a bric builder for making custom Brics.

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Cool, never went on it.
But also customized brics directly in wysiwig, right-click and add, and access with [ + ] in viewport as with Blocs could be great…

Well there is more to a bric as you will see in the Bric builder, but I think you are meaning snippets of code maybe?

No no for snippets I use :+1:

Just for some brics (buttons, Hr, containers, specifics Hn, etc.) customised in perspective of being re-used with very quick access [+] as for Blocs (rather than having to do it with Blocs and then deleting others Brics inside…) as with a gain of visibility with Brics and their respective sections…

Don’t know about coding the app, but it is supposingly not so much to do (same function than Brics the code to be capitalised, with other “destinations”"…)… for something usefull.

:bulb: As a “toggle” so we can short the long list of categories,
And a ~“My Brics” section where they are registered (or as for Blocs to be sorted by Categories…)

Why not this also for Blcos…

(Impossible to upload here .webp)

Are you talking about storing pre-styled Brics so when you use them in future they have settings stored?

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Yeah. He’s talking about being able to add a modified bric to your library.


Yes exactly, exactly as we can do with Blocs.
So usefull with plenty of customised buttons, hr, framed images, customised carrousel, etc etc as eg.
Then in “two clicks” we can “capitalise” those brics in others projects (rather than having to do with blocs and deleting what not needed + adapting etc, or having to copy/paste snippets codes externally…).

Easy, wysiwig, fast, flexible… certly appreciated by beginners as hard users…

If yes, then because it’d be much more used (the grey ~modal as on image :point_up_2:) with plenty of customized brics (personnaly it’d be the case…), brainstorm suggestion :

  • Full screen as with Blocs for more cumfort and visible Brics ;
  • With section toggle button as on img to short section we ~never use, then with gain of visibility for sections we are intersted in (that could be also for Blocs)
  • And (more personally) , a “My Blocs” as “My Brics” section in top of those modals (rather than having them to be dispatched…) ; a choice in addition that doesn’t change for those who don’t use it…
  • And a close (X) button top right of Brics and Blocs ~modals.

Ed :
As why not the possibility for us to create our own sections in those Blocs’s & Bric’s “modal” (by projects, or type of project, semantically… everyone does what they want, it’s flexible.
Then the tooggle would be very usefull - with memorisation!!! If not, nope…).
( I think there’s seriously something great to do there with those ~modals with a net gain of usability and productivity for users )