Adding an emoji in Blocs

I’m in the process of creating a signup form for a website and the client wants people to use their educational email, rather than a personal one, so it includes a line saying that registration with an educational address will open up free resources in future.

I wanted to make this fun by adding a graphic emoji at the end with a smiling face and thought I’d found an easy way by accessing them through the keyboard menu inside High Sierra that allows you to copy/paste the code.


After pasting the code I was left with an emoji that looked pretty good and I thought the job was done, but when viewed in Chrome or Firefox the image appears very faded, unlike Safari, where it is correct.

Can anybody think of a reliable way to achieve this objective, so the emoji appears correctly at the end of the paragraph?

I eventually got this to work reliably, but only after applying a colour to the paragraph text, rather than relying on the colour set in project settings. I’m having all sorts of problems with text colours 2.5.3b3. It’s never been tricky like this before.