Adding CSS code to Class Editor

@Norm I recall a few months ago there was some discussion about adding this functionality in the then “future”.

To recap the requirement, I find there is a missing feature which is the ability to add CSS code to the Class Editor. Currently this has to be done in a separate CSS file that has to be created, and loaded as Project Attachment in Project Settings. This works fine except that the code isn’t loaded in Edit mode and the affect of the CSS can only be seen in Preview mode. Then if you want to make a change to that code, the original file must be edited and reloaded.

If this could all be done via the Class Editor, such as using a new tab with a code entry box, it would be a big new feature.


yeah its still in the works.


If you weren’t so bloody productive and working on so many other aspects of Blocs, I would say get it out of the “works”. Good to know it’s not forgotton.

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Yeah I work on things in stages, then hop onto others when I get stuck. But if Im honest I spend about 60% of my time tracking and fixing bugs :disappointed_relieved:

I would also very much appreciate it. It would be great if you could f.e. pass an external class or css-code as a hover effect. You would have great design possibilities and it also would make a lot of brics superfluous.


making brics superfluous probably isn’t really what the developers want but being able to fiddle with the style.css within Blocs would really be cool…