Adding external CSS - Blocs adds the CSS file 2x in the header code

So this is weird. I added an external CSS file in the site settings under attachments. For some reason it shows up 2x in the head code:
<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="./css/schroeder-custom-v2.css">

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="./css/schroeder-custom-v2.css">

Now comes the weird part: this only happens on 1 page in my site. On all other pages the code is only listed 1x in the head. Also: if I remove the CSS file from the attachments in the site settings, BOTH links to the CSS file are removed on the head. If I add it back in, it adds 2 instances of the link.

I even deleted all content on the page in question - didn’t make a difference. The external CSS file is added 2x. I also renamed the CSS file because I though may blocs “got confused” because I added and removed the file from the attachment list. This also had no effect.

This, of course doesn’t affect the page layout/rendering in any way. It’s just a little irritating that when inspecting the code in Google, everything is listed 2x, with 1 instance being overridden.

On a final note: would it make sense to have a category in the forum dedicated to possible bug reporting?

Hang loose,

This happens sometime when you just including external resources in project. But when you export it again it just shows one. Had couple of times.

unfortunately I’m seeing the 2x entry in my source code after exporting.

I’ve been wanting to know precisely HOW to link to external stylesheets already on my web server. I searched the Blocs forum and found this thread. I’m curious how you even linked your external stylesheet within Blocs. Could you please explain that?


James W.

Hi James,

You want to add it as an external file attachment in the site settings.

Here’s a quick video:

You can also add external Javascript etc. …

Oh, I know how to add “attachments” but there is no meaning to do that when I have a CSS file already on the server. Adding an attachment would make a duplicate of the file. I merely want to LINK to an existing file. I don’t care to clutter the server with unnecessary duplicate files. So how do I “LINK” to an existing CSS file on my web server from within Blocs?

Not sure if I really understand you, but I don’t think you can link to a CSS file that is already uploaded on a server. You could try adding it in the Project settings under “Analytics Tracking Code”. I found out you can add anything - doesn’ necessarily have to be “tracking code”.

So you could try this:

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="./folder on server/MyCss.css">

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Check that the page doesn’t have this attachment also.

You currently have it set in the project settings, it could also be set on the page too.

Which implies it should perhaps be renamed “Add Code (Analytics Tracking, etc.)”.

Thank you, Gary!

–James W.

No, there are global code input areas to add code for this type of scenario. This analytics input field code gets wrapped in an analytics note (if I remember correctly) so it would make the code misleading if viewed.

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This discussion has gotten a little off-topic and doesn’t address the original issue that Blocs is adding the code for the external CSS 2x in the exported HTML. Should I open a support ticket for this?

Did you check page attachments via page settings.

Hi Norm,

I added 1 CSS File in the global site settings under attachments. There are no files attached to any individual pages.