Adding Images to Custom Bric

Hi Everyone,

I’m got a bizarre problem when I add images inside Bric Builder > Resources tab > Resources pane, they do not publish, the new images are not exporting. Is this a new bug in Blocs 4.5.0 or am I missing something new on forcing those images to be published?

Here’s the images in the Resources pane & highlighted new ones I just added:

Here’s the exported img folder - Note the two new images are missing:

I thought it might be a file corruption, so I tried different file types and even duplicated cancel to cancel2. Anyone have any suggestions or @Norm ?

Also just noticed that now resource-path put in an inline style in the html template is creating a local path instead of entering the site url w/ img & yes web address is set. I guess I could use %baseURL%img/ - but that defeats the whole purpose of *resource-path :unamused:

Thanks, Bill

Interesting. I’ve not had this issue with the resource path. But I’m not using the template, just the HTML area. I’ll test later with the latest build.