Adding .mov

Would be great to have also .mov and not only .mp4.

Ok .mov are heavier, but for short and not big animations (text, logos…) not heavier than 1mo, it’s so much cleaner with .mov.

As also it facilitates with alpha transparency that is easy to get with .mov export (from DVResolve…), and so complicated to keep the alpha with .mp4 (codecs compatilities problem…), a wound.

A little thing that would push Blocs a little more to “motion-webdesign” with facilities…

( If anyone is interested - mp4 alpha transparent background on website davinci resolve blocs app - , found how-to :smiling_face_with_tear: → screen (watch out H.265 and not 264 to get the Alpha under the fps, and the encodage Main10 by default to Main) ; btw still .mov on wishlist, much more net & clean as easy and universal for beginners… )