'addthis' not showing in browser

Hi – I’ve been using ‘AddThis’ tracker with social icons on my site for awhile, and after updating my site using Blocs 3.4.6, the social icons are not showing up in the browser anymore.



Are you using Safari with Wipr extension?

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Hi - I do use safari, and chrome and its not showing on either. What’s Wipr?

edit: GOT IT. I have virus protection software that does ‘tracker-blocker’…thanks for pointing my curiosity in the right direction…

It’s a blocker: https://giorgiocalderolla.com/wipr.html

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I do not see any social icons on your web site. I don’t have any blockers.

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thanks for checking…they are down in the footer below the google map, and then on each blog page…the suggestion to check for the tracker-blocker worked, as I did have that tool on my virus software, and so I turned it off in the browser preferences and I see them now in my browsers…

Nope, I don’t see them either. Mac, Safari 13.1 and as far as I know, no blockers.

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I was looking on my iPhone last night. This morning, the icons/map show up on my desktop (Safari, Firefox), but not on the iPhone. Maybe you have icons/map disabled on the smaller breakpoints? If I shrink the desktop view, the icons/map disappear on the smaller breakpoint views.

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Hi pruthe – Thanks for checking this out…and yes, you’ve reminded me that on the XS breakpoint, that indeed I turned off the social icons on the main page, but they do show up on the individual blogs posting on XS—I see them right now in Safari on both my iPhone X and iPad Pro 11" devices, and on my laptop in all browsers.

So, this does appear to be as Hypnoman & sim suggested: a browser setting issue.

Thanks again :pray:t3: