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Hello to all community members

What do web developers do to take a Hi-Resolution camera photo and break it down for the web? What apps or services are you using? I noticed Blocs has included 4 viewports, do you develop pictures for each one?

Blocs 4 plus can actually resize images, but I suspect most are using something like Affinity Photo and saving for web. You could also use something like ImageOptim, which is free and does a good job of optimising images for web.

Sometimes you need separate images for different breakpoints and other times not. It depends very much on the situation.

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Nice to get a reply back :+1:
The apps you’re talking about when shrinking them down do they keep the pixelization to a minimum?

Hi @taz - welcome to the club!

I use pixelmator pro - I have the original pixelmator which I use still.

If you want more info, watch the Blocs Master himself! @Eldar on his video here. if you are new to blocs check out :

Thank you for your reply. I like that video.

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I like what squoosh can do. Do you find the results with pixelization?
This is why I ask, because apps like this do.

To this day I have not yet seen online apps do something like that automatically. (Pixelization - Wikipedia) There is also squash as a real program.

Thanks, I will look in that.

Like @Flashman already suggested, I also use Affinity Photo, ImageOptim and I use in addition to these ImageAlpha (for transparent PNGs).

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