Again Card Designer Problem


when I use Card Designer and set a background image - I see the Background image in the canvas but not in BlocsApp preview or browser preview …
Any ideas ? :confused:

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Which asset workflow are you using linked or embedded?

At the beginning at the Projekt I check the embedded option …
You mean this ?

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Any ideas @Norm ?


All older Projects I open in the new version of BlocApp lost the background pictures …

Hi @tom2 - is this with a new project too ?

I have just had a quick look and mine is acting as normal? (creating a bloc with a 2 card designer and a background image in the bloc and all is showing as ok?)

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve opened several old projects with CD in the current version of Blocs as well as the latest beta on a M1 Mac mini running Sonoma and they all open as they should and they preview normally too.

Hi @AdieJAM
thanks for your answer … You see the background image also in the browser ? You also embed your images in the project file?

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Hi @MiguelR
thanks for your answer … this is wired. All older project doesn’t work anymore. Also the new one doesn’t work. Only see the picture inside blocs app …
But thank you for your answer

Oh … @AdieJAM and @MiguelR could you please try use this setting ?
And what size are your background images ?

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Hey @tom2,
Did a quick try of your request and as you can see from the screen recording (Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!) that it seems to work for me using the latest version of Blocs. The recording was done on the latest beta, but it also works on the latest release. I can’t think of anything that could be causing your issues, other than perhaps outside of Blocs(?).

The only other things that come to mind, which I think you might’ve looked at - since it seems you know what you’re doing, is to (1) click on “Enable Image” even if it’s already on and (2) check page attachments to make sure all the necessary dependencies are attached. You can quickly check this by clicking on the page attachment button right above the card settings (but I think you already know that).

Sounds like a potential permissions issue.

Have these Projects been worked with between Macs?

Are you able to share a project file with me so I can take a look under the hood and see if I can see what is up.

Hi … in a few hours I send a bloc file … thanks

Hi @tom2

Just done that with those settings and a background image of 1920 x 1278 and works fine.

Hi @AdieJAM
Ok - thanks for testing. I will send Norm a project file. :slight_smile:

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Anybody know if CardDesigner is still being maintained? Haven’t heard anything from @Whittfield in awhile … Hi Whittfield if you’re out there :wave: :wave:

Hi Tom, is there any update on this? I have exactly the same problem! :frowning:
Thanks and regards

Same for me - Card designer (which I’ve used heavily on my website), is not displaying any images anymore since the last blocs update. @Whittfield ; the update is already live - could you please help as soon as possible?
Many thanks,

Hi everybody. Found out an interesting detail:
Since I deleted the CD page attachments, and fixed them again, the images reappear in Blocs Preview as well as in Browser Preview. But: not after the proper export (neither on the HDD nor on the server).
@Norm ; any idea how to fix this export issue?

Here you can find a couple of cards without images (click on “Optionen” to scroll down to them): Das ultimative Hochzeitsauto | Lasst euch verwöhnen.

FOUND THE ISSUE! :slight_smile: (at least with my configuration):
If you “Combine All CSS” when exporting, Card Designer won’t work. If you DON’T combine all CSS, then the cards work.

@Norm It would be nice to combine css again, somewhen in the future. Do you think you could adress this issue for us who use card designer?