All code widgets lost after upload

In preview mode, all code widgets work well (Paypal Buttons, Google Maps etc.).
In preview in browser, they also are shown and working.

After export and upload, all of them are gone.


I am assuming you saved the project before export and still have a problem.

If so it would be better to send in a bug report with the project file and as much information as possible. Nobody here can even look at this without a URL.

I found out that lazy load also replaces the links inside the code brics, which it shouldn’t do of course (or at least ask if it should). Means you can not use lazy load and code brics together, if the code brics contain any type of image, like a Paypal button does.

The only way to get around is to save two version of the site, one with and one without lazy load and then copy the pages that contain code brics from the non-lazy-load version to the other before uploading. Which is of course not the way it should be.

Please make an update to remove that bug.

I am just a user like yourself. I suggest you file a bug report.