Allow for math/clamp in unit boxes

I’d like to see the unit boxes (px, em, rem, %, vh…) have an open slot that allows for functions such as:

clamp(2rem, 4.589vw + 1.082rem, 5rem)

I tried it just to see if it already worked, but it doesn’t, and I’m guessing it’s because we pre-select the unit and then just enter the numerical value. But maybe a ‘func’ “unit” could be added that expects something like the code above and integrates it cleanly.

Not sure if this would wreck havoc on the underlying Bootstrap framework, but it’s nice for seamless responsive design unrelated to breakpoints.

I do agree but most Blocs users will not use that. You will see in the wish lists on the forum requests for more advanced options.

There are users here using clamp with Blocs.

Either it’s the code editor or you can make your custom Brics for adding this CSS. Which is an easy way to implement for multiple websites.

Bootstrap does have a RFS engine that was initially for font units, but also now does other CSS properties like margins and padding etc. it’s not implemented in Blocs though.

I hear what you’re saying, and didn’t know it was on the wish list already.

But here I’d like to make a general statement/rant regarding what Blocs is or aims to be.

Choosing between:

  1. Catering to skilled web designers looking for robust, fast development, while allowing for zero knowledge, low threshold entry-level web design.
  2. Catering to zero-knowledge designers, while allowing skilled developers to speed up their workflow.

I firmly believe no. 1 has much longer legs and is better long-term. Category 2 requires lots of support and delivers trainwreck web designs that you can’t really use to promote the product.

All efforts should go towards helping Category 1 become better and faster.

And if you are truly going for no. 2 Blocs need to REALLY up the built-in blocs to offer drop-in ready solutions for most components that most competitors already offer. As others have mentioned, it should already come with something similar to Eldar’s ‘Minimalist’ that covers many common building blocks for modern designs.

I don’t intend to come across as harsh, so I apologise if I do.

I have submitted a lot of wish list items for more advanced options. But then I’m not the main target audience for Blocs as I see it. And I’m aware most of those won’t be implemented.

End of the day. Use the right product for the job.

What I use, is based on the project I’m working on. Every app has its weak points. But they are tools for speeding up the process right.

I originally started using Blocs because it supported exporting OctoberCMS themes. Which saved me a ton of time. It’s since dropped support for it. But I haven’t made a site in October since they had that split.

Blocs is probably an interesting blend of the 2 focuses you mentioned. It probably has been shaped by the devs vision and users needs over time.

The web app industry has grown a lot in the last couple of years. It seems like a new one is popping up every week. A lot of them are propriety and or require subscriptions. Which I’m sure suites some people.

There is no perfect app, but it sure is less painful to work with one that suites the majority of your needs or at least has an active development map that heads in a compatible direction with your needs.

Blocs does a good job of allowing you to build a library up of your own blocs and brics. It gives you the basics to build on. Probably falls short on making it easy to add your own code and 3rd party libraries and adding more style properties like transitions, CSS animation etc easily. But that’s not common for the average user and I guess it’s also possible that some things are related to the app architecture.