An update on Blocs Core Training video course

Hello Blocs Community,

It’s been a while since I have posted an update on Blocs Master courses. I constantly add more and more videos, so I thought it is time to share the current state of my courses for Blocs users.

As you might know there are 3 courses. There is a free ‘Getting Started with Blocs’ (14 videos), and more advanced ‘Building a website in Blocs’ (24 videos + 1 premium template for Blocs). Both might be very helpful to new Blocs users.

Then, there is Blocs Core Training. It is the main course for Blocs users, which covers most of its features. When I first released it last year, it had 25 videos, but now there are already 75 videos (I will add more, and update the outdated videos due to the rapid development of Blocs).

Blocs Core Training covers the following topics:

5 videos on Blocs basics
9 videos on button bric
8 videos on icon bric
4 videos on panel bric
13 videos on working with menu
5 videos on working with text
5 videos on forms
12 images on image bric
8 videos on column row bric
6 videos on visibility feature

When I was starting Blocs Master project, I was imagining the time when l have a full database of videos covering every feature in Blocs. I believe I am getting closer to reaching this goal. :slight_smile:

To check the full curriculum for each course, check out

As always, thank you to everybody who have supported my work from the day 1.

With best regards,


Thanks Eldar, even using Blocs from the first release I often find myself going back to your core training videos. I really appreciate your efforts with adding and updating the videos.

The core training course is such a help, any new Blocs user would benefit greatly purchasing these courses.

Thanks again


Thanks, @casey1823!
I am glad my videos are helpful to you!


Your tutorials are great. I am always studying Core Training Packs. Turned my primer!
Thanks Eldar!

Hi Admir,

Thank you for your kind words!
I am already working on the next pack of videos for Core Training!


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Thanks Eldar, I watched the free coarse and got started in no time. After playing around on a local server, I purchase the full package. Great work and great help for those of us that are novices! You certainly helped me…

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I’m glad my videos are helpful to you! If you will have any questions, let me know!

Cheers, Eldar