Anchor on other page

How I add anchor tags to jump to specific location on another page.

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Hi @peka

Read my previous answer to that question here!

Hi @Jakerlund,

but, to have the Anchor into specific block is not enough for me. I like that specific text is an Anchor. Is this possible? I have give the text link an ID, but you can’t scroll to target what is on another page!

Hi @peka

You can achieve this like this.

I have two pages, index.html and article.html

index.html - Has a button or text link to URL "article.html#anchor1"
article.html - has some hero bloc, a team bloc and then an article bloc with lots of text.
the last word on the text is set to span and given the ID: anchor1

Publish and now when you click that button it will jump to the article page and down to that anchor. :sunglasses:

Quick demo here

Cheers / Johny

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Thanks Johny - I think, that I have now problem to specify the text anchor. I activate one word in the text, and write the ID, but I’m not sure if just that word have the ID. Could you send yours demo to me as a Blocs file, from there I can see how you have made the anchor. My e-mail is: peka(at)


Here’s an animated gif for ya

Cheers :sunglasses:

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Thanks @Jakerlund,

now it works. “Wrap in Spain” was the secret of this function!