Anchor scroll - SOLVED


I’m looking for a feature in Blocs which make a kind of anchor scrolling possible.

On [] for example you can see what I mean.

When you scroll up or down to the next content it will always fix to the top of the browser window. So you always have only one theme on your screen - the browser window is not divided.
Is it possible to realize this with Blocs?


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It’s called scroll snapping. It’s not a feature with Blocs at the moment afaik… but things move pretty fast around here :wink:

There are scripts for this you can find that will help, but the official spec can be found here.

A very good resource for scroll snapping:


Hi @decision,

Unless I am misunderstanding what you wish to accomplish, then I think you might find my provided detailed response in this previous thread helpful. It seems similar to what you are seeking to achieve.


Man, that feature is really cool!
How awesome would it be if Blocs 3 could implement this feature!

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