Animation issue -- Anyone else experience this? - SOLVED

HI All – I’m using a simple animation 3 times on my page for some text to fade in from bottom/up, using a 3 sec speed, and .4 sec delay, with 1 loop.

The 2nd & 3rd instances (located further down the page and out of view when the page loads) work as desired.

But the 1st (in view as the page loads) does not function well – when the animation begins to fade in, it stalls, then comes back, making a kind of double hitch in the animation, as if it was on a 2 pass loop.

The image below shows the settings for all 3 instances, and it shows the 1st instance which is not running smoothly.

The live site is:

I’m using Blocs 3.3, and this occurs on Safari, Firefox, Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated…

I have a large screen and I see the jerkiness when viewing all 3 animations at once. I’m wondering if it’s more appropriate to use the Scroll FX feature with Fade in and direction set for your objects. That’s what I used for text and graphic objects on my web page and it seems to work OK. See below for the settings of one of my text objects. I haven’t yet used the Animation feature, so not sure when is appropriate to use that. Maybe someone else can enlighten.

Hope this helps.


Update: OK, I now see the utility of using the Animation for your 1st text object since it shows immediately upon page entry, but maybe usage of Scroll FX feature might help for your other 2 objects. Unfortunately, this does not answer your original question. I’m still in learning mode using Blocs. Good luck!

Thanks pruthe – It’s helpful to have it confirmed…and I did want the animation and not the Scroll FX feature.

Hopefully someone will have an animation solution…or perhaps it’s a bug that I’ll need to report to @Norm

Best to you.

Hi @DanielF

Btw, I just changed all my Scroll FX objects to use animations now and they seem to work well without the jerkiness effect you’re encountering. In fact, I think I like the animations look better.

My web site is here:

If you haven’t already done so, maybe try removing animations on your objects then re-adding to see if helps.

Hope you’re able to get your problem resolved.


Thanks Paul – Yes, I have deleted and replaced the element…but perhaps I will have to go a step further and delete and rebuild the bloc. Glad its working for you, which suggests its within my own file…keep up the good worK.

Thanks Norm! Pre-Loader Bug?