Annoying problem with links

I am currently working on my first wp site. I’m having an annoying problem. When I change the color of my links in the footer in Blocs Plus, my other links (tags) also take on that color when I export it to wp. The links in the footer are white because of a black background color. The page itself is white. How can i change this? I tried with a class, but the problem persists.

That would be normal as tags are essentially also generated as a link within WordPress. There’s also a bunch of other items that will be generated as a link and thus might be impacted:

  • archives
  • author names
  • categories

Usually I set the correct color for the page (so a darker tint for the links), but I tend to use a class to override the set color for links in the footer (I also often do footers with contrasting colors).

Using your class, did you apply this to the footer block? And set the link color different there? Or did you go about it another way?

Hello, thanks for taking the time to help me. I have placed 4 widgets in the footer for recent posts, a menu, etc. In the class manager I have a class called footer-a, but nothing happens. I’m using MAMP on a local server. How can I indicate a class there.

Ah I see. Those have different classes than a regular link you’d place manually in the footer.
This means you’ll need to check the exact class names used by the widgets in question and add those class names to your theme (to override their settings).

And where can i find this? I followed Norm’s videos on youtube showed that he used widgets in the footer. And what struck me is that he also have the links in that ugly blue color. :frowning_face: