Another Blocs Designed Website

I’m not an educated web designer and it’s still much to fix, it always tend to be for me when it comes to websites! Haven’t yet tested it much on mobile devices so probably there is still much to fix on that side as well. But at least this is something to start with.

It’s been both fun and very much work to make this, but to summarise in short: Eldar has been very helpful and also Norm who have personally replied every time I had “stupid newbie questions” – I’m still a newbie, but now it’s at least possible to almost get the flow in this very well thought out application, even though I time to time experience what I consider as “bugs” (could of course also be User Reasons)… Anyhow, Blocs is currently the best suiting software for me, and the pedals, after using Dreamweaver (loooong ago, before responsive design existed) and then Muse ( ) and recently Sparkle ( ). The web based solutions have been difficult to me, Wordpress when I checked it out in short was terrible, but the main reason I skipped them all (Wix and a few more also ) is I tend to like the software available installed in the computer. Still have to learn about SEO, which still is impossible to understand :slight_smile:

Big thanks goes to to Eldar & Norm, you’re doing very much to increase web design possibilities and for the Blocs community.

Thanks goes also to the rest here who’s been writing a lot about issues – and solutions.

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Nice work.


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Great work, Joakim!

If there is anything else you need help with, I am always here!

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Thanks, guys!

Hey @Himmelstrutz, thanks for sharing your older site versions, cool to see your evolution. Love how your new design matches the branding of your product. Well done.

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