Another brilliant live website delivered!

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Hope everyone is keeping well and safe and music fans enjoyed Glastonbury over the weekend - Coldplay again delivering the perfect festival set and the rest was a little average! (for the Euro football fans) bit like watching England play at the moment!!! even though we are scraping through each time!

Anyway - moving on. I just wanted to give some info and what I achieved in Blocs and and 3 3rd party additions.

I am not able to post the website on here but last week I delivered a website for a large car manufacturers event day with over 2,500-3,000 visitors.

Registration & feedback
For this I used Sitelok as it has exactly what I needed which was for users to register and have multiply selections and they would also select their department which would in turn add them to one of 6 groups. Each groups admin in their company would get an email saying who was registered and the end of each week I would also get them a copy of a CSV file showing all. The users would get tickets given to them and car park passes internally at their place of work.

The website was built in 3 stages
1: Registration as above and basic info on what is happening.
2: Live event date showing all information on parking, what is on and showcasing food and drink and other information going on. They had an FAQ page and a large floor map of the whole even.
3: A landing page and feedback form for future events.
All this is built in Blocs.

3rd Party Additions
I used the brilliant Flexy foot as some pages were short on text and this gave the whole website the perfect height at all times.

I used a Bloc from Minimalist library as they added a section on and wanted it on quick - and 1 click and paste their content in and was up and running in less than 4 minutes from the email they sent - this is the brilliance of this, its quick and seamless.

registration and feedback as above

My conclusion and what client loved:
Website was fast and easy to follow.

Looks great on desktop but mobile is where its needed for the live day as users will use it to navigate and see show timetables and was perfect.

Was requested to NOT use Wordpress as its against their company policy due to security and other internal reasons.

Blocs ticked every box and was secure and fast and worked like a dream.

Over the last 7 days I have had over 2,400 go onto the website most days. On the event day the stats on the event agenda was visited over 6000 times.

Thank you to @Norm @PeteSharp and @Eldar and Adrian at SL and other developers for helping us all deliver great sites!


Great post Adie!!!
This is helpful for many I am sure.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your build. :trophy:

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My wife sent me out of the house after Sunday’s match. Apparently I was sitting there for an hour afterwards muttering and tutting to myself!

Well done @AdieJAM, a job well done.

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This is brilliant news and thanks for sharing :smiley:

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