Another Parallax Effect


I would like to apply this effect to a full page, could someone tell me how to do it? In the default effect the image remains static. Thanks >>> Parallax Effect


Some cool effects. They work on tablet and mobile to.
There has been some discussions on this before but as of now Blocs parallax natively supports only Desktop version.



Do you have the documentation link for this rather than the preview?



Nice!!! Hope @Norm can implement this hehe :slight_smile:


This is the library - Jarallax

It uses “bacground-image” 's different than Blocs, referenced in the HTML source vs the CSS.

<img class=“jarallax-img” src="<background_image_url_here>" alt="">


Hi, Norm, of course… Documentation


yeah, I see that. I’ll see what I can cook up.


Thanks Norm… :+1:t2: