Any construction opinion on my new site?

Hi guys, please check the website i built using Blocs,, Only constructive criticism, thanks!

Hello @moganej.

The first impression is that the page has a high loading time in each of the options.
I think the problem is because of the size of the images. I have reviewed some of them and all have a size greater than 2 Mb.
It would help to reduce the size of the images, including the bakground.

Congratulations for the page.

Best regards

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Hey @moganej good site.

The first impression is that the page has a high loading time in each of the options.
I think the problem is because of the size of the images. I have reviewed some of them and all have a size greater than 2 Mb.

yes, the loading time is very very very slow. to solve the problem you can use

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Slow here too on new iPad on good broadband.
Also loads of animations are too much imo.


Thank you so much for feedback Pauland,ill look into it,and it is also for my future projects

Thanks,I’ll be fixing the issue as I know how annoying for clients to be kept stalling by a website taking forever to load,I truly appreciate the feedback


I’m glad you are looking at my comment(s) in good spirit.

I pulled my post having re-written it several times. It was very critical and I felt I should probably not expose all those comments publicly.

What is your background with regard web design? Did you really start in 2012? I think there’s a story to be heard here. For people starting out in web design I understand a lot of mistakes will be made, but expect a more polished product from someone who started in 2012 and is making the claims that the site makes.

I really hope you can push forward.

Like your new logo moganej!

Some suggestions I can make regarding your new site…

  • pay more attention to how the font reads on the backgrounds you have selected… for example the text on the main hero home page is straining and is a challenge on mobile with the line-height chosen
  • as mentioned here the load time of your site is around the 20-30sec… this would frustrate your potential clients
  • checkout your sub-imagery on the mobile breakpoint… it comes across way too small in height, plus your social media icons in the footer could do with some padding to not have them clump
  • your “Submit” button looks really large in comparison to your contact form especially on the mobile breakpoints?

I think I’ll leave it at that… A bit more fine-tuning but a really good start!
How is it in South Africa nowadays?

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First impressions are very important in web design. Whilst I like the layout of the site, the hero image is looking a bit washed out. Better to go for more contrast - particularly in a monochrome image. You may like to add the darken texture to the background image. At least this will make your hero text stand out a little more. The same is true on other page headers. On some of them the text doesn’t stand out enough.

I’m not keen on the Monserrat font. It’s an expanded typeface which doesn’t lend itself well to copy text. Better to use something like Josefin Sans at about 18px on 28px line Height. This would be easier to read.

On the work page, change the sub-head to read “Below are some of the projects…”

From a usability perspective, I think it would be better to provide links to your work example pages on ALL the example pages. At the moment, visitors have to go back to your work page in order to select another category of examples. Better if they can see links to the other categories on every page.

Not sure if I like the brick wall background effect! It tends to distract from the content and makes the grey text a little difficult to read.

I think the contact form would be better as a block that becomes visible when the contact link is clicked (it would drop into view on any page which saves visitors having to wait for the contact page to load.)

As others have said, image optimisation needs to be improved to decrease loading times. Many of these 2 - 3 mb images can be reduced considerably. You can use a combination of dimension resizing and compression to get the sizes down. For example, your contact page header is currently 2.9 mb and is physically larger than it needs to be. There isn’t really a need to have an image of 3000 px width - 1900 px is more than adequate. By changing the dimensions and adding some compression, the attached image has been reduced to 307kb. Try it in your project - the difference in quality will not be that noticeable.



i am new in Blocs, as i was previously on Adobe Muse, so yes i was looking at some advices so i can be able to improve my craft through Block. thanks

thanks a lot for such a valuable input, thats how one grow and improve

thank you so much wow! what an inspiration, i am so pumped up for my improved skill, well South Africa is beginning to be cold as we are entering winter season, but the vibe is ok here, maybe u must come and visit :slight_smile:

So you are also an xMuser! I have been playing around with Blocks since Adobe Max last year where there was no peep from the Muse Team - that was a bad sign and things have gone downhill since then! :frowning: I just realised today that BC has completely pulled their support for our test sites prematurely… I don’t think I want to trust Adobe to much more!

I can see Blocs has some great potential and what the Team has presented so far is really good especially how they have allowed us to back-end a CMS!

I haven’t been back to South Africa for a while now - Cape Town was my place of birth! :slight_smile: Now in Tasmania which has a very similar climate and landscape! :slight_smile:

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I like the site clean design. Yes the loading needs to be fixed.

Someone mentioned Tinypng. But I remember that Blocs warns you when something is much larger than recommended.

Compress the images first:

“Optimize Images” on the AppStore
"ImageOptim" free at

About the Brick background. I was waiting for something else to appear. Might be due to the loading and guessing on my part.

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